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As a member of our Healing Female Pain Self Study program, you immediately upon registration receive access to Your Welcome Video, About the Course video, Success Principles audio, and Goddess Breath video. You then have 2 days with the introductory material before you begin receiving the Session content as follows…

Week 1: Session 1 – Making Sense of the Mind Body Approach
Week 2: Session 2 – Stop Resisting, Start Relieving
Week 3: Session 3 – Overcoming the Mind’s Blocks to Healing
Week 4: Integration Week. No new content.
Week 5: Session 4 – Embracing Your Emotions
Week 6: Session 5 – Listening to Your Body
Week 7: Session 6 – Accessing Your Emotional Guidance
Week 8: Integration Week. No new content.
Week 9: Session 7 – The Daily Pain Relief Ritual
Week 10: Session 8 – Reclaiming Your Vulva and Vagina
Week 11: Session 9 – Cultivating Pleasure
Week 12: Session 10 – Nurturing Purpose, Passion, and Pelvic Health

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