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“….I am pelvic pain free…”

I recently participated in Lorraine’s Healing Female Pain program, and am so happy I did. Although I knew there was a connection between my pelvic pain and my emotions before the course, the work allowed me to feel those emotions rather than rationalize and “think them through”. As a result my pain subsided significantly and 6 months later I am pelvic pain free! Lorraine provided a wonderful toolbox of techniques that I continue to use not only for pelvic pain, but for creating a more pleasurable and heart-felt life. I am deeply grateful for her caring, compassionate and effective coaching.

M.L., New York, NY
“My pelvic pain is so much better!”

Just a note to let you know how I’m doing after taking your course. My pelvic pain is so much better! Your course really hit the nail on the head for me about how my pelvic pain was related to the things that have happened and were happening in my life that led to my pain. I had always pushed these very sad thoughts and childhood memories in the background and refused to acknowledge them and the role that they were playing in my unconscious life. I have worked these things through with my psychotherapist and after about three months of weekly therapy sessions I finally started to feel physically better after almost a decade of pain.Thank you so much for your insight, encouragement, your reading lists, your experience, and your support. It has really meant the world to me.

“This is not your typical online class. It is well worth the time and commitment.”

I found that there are few, if any other, programs like this one available to those who suffer from pelvic pain. It was a gift to find a philosophy that looked at mind-body connections as the causative factor, which I have found to be the case in my own experience, Lorraine’s class format is well organized and provides instruction, tools, and lots of opportunities for interaction with Lorraine through weekly web/phone classes. Lorraine, as the teacher, has an unusual ability to be clearly empathic and genuine even through webcast formats. This is not your typical online class. It is well worth the time and commitment!

“This program is one of the most amazing and beneficial programs I have been part of.”

This program is one of the most amazing and beneficial programs I have been part of. It has lead me to be very connected to my body, emotions, soul, and yoni. I have always thought that the mind was a powerful tool, but I was wrong. The body speaks so loud, and it has lead me to learn about what I REALLY need in my life, not what I THINK I need. This program was here for me during one of the most difficult times of my life. I lost my friend, and this program gave me the tools to help me connect with my emotions and not block them. It helped me to grieve and face the death of my friend. I really could not do that without the program. I also feel more excited to work on how to relieve my pain, than try to avoid it. Finding happiness and joy in life, rather than dwelling on the past. Thank you Lorraine for opening my heart, and soul. Thank you for providing me with the tools to be happy, hopeful, and connected to my body and yoni.